This really is the time for communication

A warm welcome to my new website. I do hope you find your way around it easily and find what you are looking for. I want to thank my friend and colleague Brian from The Message Collective for the design and layout, and not in the least for pushing me to refresh and update it. (There is a message there about seizing opportunities that come along and appreciating the people that are helping us along the way… and I may write more about this in the coming weeks?).

Needless to say, the priority of my attention in my work as a therapist is quite rightly focussed on you (my clients). And whilst that is still the case and I’m still ‘seeing’ people almost daily, I have found time in this strange and challenging time of the Covid 19 pandemic to turn my attention to the necessity of other forms of communicating with you via various on-line platforms that are not necessarily ‘my style.’

I pondered on the wisdom of putting up a new website at this time of lockdown, and then I considered this really is the time, because of the need for communication. There is no doubt we are in a time of immense sadness and challenge and this will ultimately be a catalyst for future change. For me, and I suspect for you too at this time, being able to communicate with those people we love and care for has taken on even more joy and has become incredibly special. I have had to adapt. I dare say you have needed to adapt. We are having to embrace doing things differently that is not necessarily our style. We are doing the best we can in some of the most difficult circumstances. And I will continue to connect with you, my clients, in the best way I possibly can. 

Those of you that know me will realise the relationship we build up in our work together is the difference that makes the difference. It is a unique relationship built upon being present to each other with trust and respect, and it too is the catalyst for change. Being able to communicate and work through our thoughts and feelings is a keystone in therapy. We build a face to face alliance in the space in which we meet. And that relationship is the medium whereby all our work happens. I wondered how lockdown and not being physically present would impact on the work we do together. I need not have worried. Whilst it would not be my preference to be at a computer screen and connect in that way, it has worked, and you my clients, still feel my presence in our sessions together and I feel yours. Wonderful! We are not diminished. And what we have is a whole new way of being in contact in our relationship. It adds to our connection and our ability to communicate. This is heartening in these isolating times when we need to feel ever more connected in all our relationships, with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and our wider community.

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