Online therapy & coaching: need to know facts

What is online therapy and coaching?

Online sessions enable a way of connecting and accessing therapy and coaching whereby we do not physically meet. We are still ‘face-to-face’ via the electronic platform of choice. This could be video conferencing using a computer or telephone. Most people have access to a computer and online platforms are relatively easy to use. In the event you have no computer access, most mobile phones can accommodate a video connection option, although the size of your screen may inhibit full use.

Is it secure?

We know that most online communications can leave a ‘data footprint’. Data security can never be absolute. However, we understand the importance of handling sensitive contact information and we make every effort to ensure that we take necessary measures. An important point to make is that here at june mitchell integrative therapy and coaching we keep minimum records, and you should not be so concerned that you avoid the benefits of therapy and coaching.

Is it effective?

Research shows us that online working is effective, and it is possible to develop the strong therapeutic relationship that makes the real difference in how effective therapy and coaching is. This is also my own experience when working with clients online. Professional membership bodies recognise the value of online working.

Are there other benefits of access online?

  1. You have the control over your environment and can create a comfortable space for yourself when accessing therapy and coaching.
  2. More access to therapy and coaching can be gained as choice of days and times may be more flexible.
  3. Your commitment of time and energy may be reduced overall, due to less travel and transport use.
  4. Therapy and coaching is available if there is difficulty with distance and choice of the most desired, suitable therapist and coach for you.
  5. Therapy and coaching is available if there are physical or mental health reasons that make it difficult to leave your home.
  6. Access to therapy and coaching is available throughout any public health restrictions that prohibit physical meetings.
  7. You have access to online therapy and coaching as a personal choice.

Challenges might include:

  1. Online therapy and coaching require a safe and confidential space in which to work. If this is difficult to access, online may not work well for you. 
  2. Where you have limits on a safe and confidential space but would like therapy or coaching it may be possible to arrange a suitable space for you such as attending online session with access from a Regus office or similar service on a need to do basis. 
  3. You will require a personal computer, laptop or compatible telephone and a good internet connection for your online sessions.
  4. You may wish to consider if ‘screen time’ could be a possible issue and how you might take care of any needs you have in relation to this.
  5. When working online we do not see the whole of each other. And with audio we see none. This means that some visual nuances are not observed. My preference in online work is with video access, and in video we see each other’s faces.  As this is one of the main ways we notice effects of therapy and coaching, having access to video and being able to regulate the proximity of our face in the screen, this can bring about very positive relational effects. Audio connecting via telephone can be added in support of our main online video sessions. 
  6. Remember even with data encryption there is some level of risk however small. Risks cannot be completely eliminated, although they can be greatly minimised. 

The choice of accessing online therapy is yours. Having this option as an alternative, or as an addition to therapy and coaching by being in the same physical space is a bonus and brings about its own rewards. In my experience, online therapy does not diminish the opportunity for resolution and growth. It is a wonderful way in which we have access to the technology that can help us achieve real change.

If you would like more information about online therapy and coaching please contact me.

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