Gaining clarity

SH (self-employed trainer)

“Having had a difficult time with serious health problems, I wasn’t helping myself by succumbing to my own unrealistic expectations at work. I couldn’t relax. I had a very responsible job as a HR director. I was good at it. Perfection in my role was something I aimed for and was proud of, but I found my work increasingly dissatisfying and draining. I was fearful, felt lost and couldn’t find a way forward. I didn’t know what to do or how I could help myself. June was just what I needed. It was brilliant and I feel privileged to have done this work with her.”
When SH came for coaching, she felt unfulfilled and lacked balance. She’d lost perspective on what was important to her. Having a successful career meant she enjoyed a happy family and the good things in life, but she had lost motivation and direction. Using the combined coaching models, she examined her changing values, recognised her patterns of success and limiting triggers, used techniques to connect to her own creativity, wisdom and courage, she gained clarity and produced well-formed goals and made precise plans with specific steps to meet them. She made the decision to use her skill set differently and now owns her own training company.
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“I didn’t know what to do or how I could help myself. June was just what I needed.”

Calm the anxious feelings

“Therapy helped me change my whole mind set on my phobia. I would recommend June to anyone.”
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Giving you the tools

"I’m looking more positively at my work now, enjoying my job and I’m ready to take my career to the next level."
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Focus mindfully on the present

“I slowly managed to reduce the medication and eventually came off completely.”
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