Are you are looking to achieve a specific goal, unlock your potential or build your resilience?

Focus mindfully on the present

“I slowly managed to reduce the medication and eventually came off completely.”
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Gaining clarity

“I didn’t know what to do or how I could help myself. June was just what I needed.”
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Through powerful techniques and insightful coaching tools, June will use a blend of NLP, MBIT coaching, Heart Math Coaching and Life coaching.
June works in Leeds and from The Annexe and online. Sessions are £60 - £80 per hour depending on therapy.
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Help with....

Focus & planning your goals
Coaching for a new role
Unlocking your potential
Building your resilience
Gaining clarity & next steps
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Giving you the tools

"I’m looking more positively at my work now, enjoying my job and I’m ready to take my career to the next level."
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