Coaching methods used by June

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP helps you to focus upon and structure well formed outcomes for success. You create your unique plan of action, taking account of resources which help you reach your goals. There are many interventions in NLP, and they all share a common strategy that features creativity, flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness.

mBIT Coaching 
(Multiple Brain Integration Techniques)

This powerful and insightful new field of coaching works with multiple intelligent states associated with the Head, Heart and Gut. It unlocks potential and maximises self-awareness, performance, confidence, purpose and communication. It also help with relationships, decision making, behavioural change and anything else want to progress. Advancing the techniques used in NLP, mBIT helps you get in touch with deep intuition and a higher sense of self. 

HeartMath Coaching

This coaching enables the user to reduce stress and build future resilience. We cannot always change situations that stress us however we can reduce the effects of that upon us. 
HeartMath is grounded in 20 years of psychophysiology, neuro-cardiology and biophysical research. Focusing on interactions between the heart and brain’s electro-magnetic and chemical pathways, we use positive emotions to bring about mental and physical benefits. 

Life Coaching

The aim of coaching is to experiencing more pleasure and success in life. This type of coaching works by examining aspects of life that you may wish to change. This may be boosting your motivation to make physical and health changes or developing your confidence and communication skills to make a career move. It can also help to create more satisfying personal relationships, improving and empowering professional relationships and gaining clarity.
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Focus mindfully on the present

“I slowly managed to reduce the medication and eventually came off completely.”
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Calm the anxious feelings

“Therapy helped me change my whole mind set on my phobia. I would recommend June to anyone.”
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Giving you the tools

"I’m looking more positively at my work now, enjoying my job and I’m ready to take my career to the next level."
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