Effective ASB Communication, Resolution

One of the best ASB courses I have been on. I am positive I will use the skills we were shown today in my day to day role as an ASB Neighbourhood Manager

NLP, Hypnosis, EFT tasters for health professionals

Are you responsible for training, or continuous professional development for health and care workers? Or a health professional who is simply curious about NLP interventions? Have you considered the real benefits of hypnosis for your clients and patients?

Whether your patients are stuck in depression, or wracked with anxiety, NLP, Hypnosis and EFT helps you to identify how they 'do' these problems and how to begin alleviating them. The most profound change-work is done elegantly and conversationally, with the patient making all their ownchanges internally.

If you would like to know how therapeutic interventions can help you to help them, attending an introductory workshop is for you.

These workshops have been delivered to GPs and trainee GPs in the Yorkshire area. If you are interested please contact us.