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I was so impressed with the changes I experienced as a result of attending sessions with June

Courses with Piece NLP

Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a process. It is not about acquiring information, it is about exploring how you do things. NLP is something many of us naturally. It is a set of skills whereby you use your mind and body and emotions to run your own life more successfully, and to communicate effectively with other people with more insight. Ideally you ‘live’ NLP and it becomes part of your life.

Training is very practical and experiential. You can read lots of books on NLP and there are literally hundreds of books available on NLP, and even though you may read many of these you may still not be doing NLP.

Embarking on a course is an active personal experience in which everything you learn is explored and you understand the principles, you practice and apply your learning and your experience is interactively discussed with fellow course participants and trainers.

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