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June is a competent and caring therapist. I felt respected and a mutual trust throughout the therapy experience

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17 August 2014

They say a change is as good as a rest so here at June Mitchell, we've been looking at where we'd like to be next summer and planning a route. Having set out our intention to build on the existing therapy practice by offering an innovative new therapy to complement the existing multi-modal integrative approach, we've identified the key steps we need to take so we can thrive. Then we shall just have to see where the journey takes us. Watch this website...


2 July 2014

When everything seems to have gone wrong or changed, it's sometimes hard to see transition as an opportunity to let go of situations, circumstances and people that no longer serve us and move in a new direction. Loss, grief and emotional responses take time to work through. Transition takes time. Changing takes time. Gradually though, making room, giving ourselves the permission and space to move on in our own direction can result in refreshed interests, focus and heartfulness.

Raining Outside but Sunny Inside

28 June 2014

Waking up to another day of dismal drizzle, it's tempting to let it spoil our day. Instead of focusing on the limitations of the weather (and everything else happening around us) breathing consciously in and out from our heart while smiling, with positive appreciation for all that we have, resets our start position. It might be raining outside but we can choose to be filled with the glorious sun inside!

Inside Works

27 June 2014

If we're busy thinking that something doesn't feel right, then we need to go back to our heart. Heartfulness begins with our heart - the first organ to develop, the first organ to work and so much more than just a pump. It has its own desire, motivation, intelligence and intention. Our constant companion from the very beginning has our very best interests at heart.

Outside Works

17 June 2014

Sometimes we all need to do some inside work and the very best place we can do that is outside, reconnecting with nature. So that's what I'm doing this week. Walking the glens in Scotland.

Transforming June Mitchell

16 June 2014

We all need down time, sometimes and that's what I'm doing - recharging the batteries and replenishing lost energy in peaceful heartfulness.