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Now everything is so clear, I have a way forward

The Hypno-Band

For people that may have more complex relationships with food (often more than 30lbs over their ideal weight) I recommend a mixture of techniques: NLP, Hypnosis and EFT as the way to go forward in resolving weight control issues.

The HYPNO-BAND weight loss system (virtual gastric band fitting in hypnosis) can be incorporated within this treatment as appropriate. 

The HYPNO-BAND System is a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) and hypnotherapy techniques that helps you explore, analyse and change your eating habits. Then using the mind/body connection we fit a "virtual gastric band" to your stomach, making you eat less and less often.

Before any treatment commences an initial consultation is carried out to determine your suitability for treatment. Do I fit the criteria?

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