Effective ASB Communication, Resolution

One of the best ASB courses I have been on. I am positive I will use the skills we were shown today in my day to day role as an ASB Neighbourhood Manager

Overcoming anxiety

Anxiety and Panic can be a general feeling of ill ease, or can be a specific symptomatic response with a deeper underlying cause. Either way certain unwanted sensations occur in the body.

Treating anxiety and/or panic is two fold. Firstly by identifying triggers and causative factors and working with these; changing the thought processes and associations that lead to anxiety and panic. Secondly, by reducing the physical sensations in the body and changing the way you perceive and feel the experience.

Using Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT we ‘unlearn’ the unpleasant or unwanted process unconscious processes and help you to relearn a new response. You will discover the power of your own mind in neutralizing anxiety and become aware of your own resources for becoming relaxed. You'll immediately notice the difference after one treatment, although continuing for several sessions is recommended to deepen your ability to relax and stay calm.