Russell: Life Coaching

After spending a relatively short time with June she has freed me from the cycle that I was unconsciously following.

Losing weight

Weight loss is an important issue in gaining health. It has been estimated that an obese person may lower their life expectancy by as much as 10 years.

June Mitchell has different techniques depending upon the amount of weight that needs to be lost.

Firstly, there is the person who needs to shed a few pounds. This person has less than 20lb to lose and may need help to analyse eating habits and create new healthier patterns of behaviour, make the right choices, eat the right kind of foods and be motivated to take more exercise. In this case, a few sessions of straightforward suggestion hypnosis can help establish positive life style changes.
Some people have a more complex relationship with food. They are often more than 30lbs over their ideal weight. In this case there may be more deep seated issues involving body image, low self esteem, anxiety, stress or depression, and sometimes social phobia.