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Stopping smoking

How the therapy works
You may have consciously said many times “I want to stop smoking!” However, you continue to smoke. Why? Because the part of you that smokes has a ‘positive intention’ whether it is ‘time out’ ‘relaxation’ ‘social contact’ or something else.

By using NLP and hypnotherapy we can gain conscious awareness, change habits and install new habits unconsciously. Plus you will get your own EFT process so you can maintain the new behaviours.

Below are results of a clinical study published in 1992 New Scientist Magazine on the most effective stop smoking methods.
6%- Willpower alone, 10%- Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), 24%- Acupuncture, 60%- Single session Hypnosis.

When hypnosis is combined with NLP and EFT stopping smoking results would improve significantly.

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