Effective ASB Communication, Resolution

One of the best ASB courses I have been on. I am positive I will use the skills we were shown today in my day to day role as an ASB Neighbourhood Manager

Using NLP, Hypnosis
& EFT with cancer care

How the therapy works

Common issues in cancer are nausea and vomiting, anxiety, insomnia, poor appetite, exhaustion, panic attacks and depression. These symptoms occur for different reasons and at different stages of the treatment and disease.

Relieving stress is an important aspect of working with symptoms associated with cancer. Some memories bring about stress and other memories relieve it.

The therapy uses NLP to change the experience of that memories, hypnotherapy to relax your conscious mind and thoughts and use the unconscious mind to bring about positive relief from all kinds of issues. Then EFT is used to help de-intensify emotions and bring relief by working with your body’s energy system.