Effective ASB Communication, Resolution

One of the best ASB courses I have been on. I am positive I will use the skills we were shown today in my day to day role as an ASB Neighbourhood Manager

Gaining relief from stress

We experience events in life that may result in feelings of stress. However, it is not the event that ‘causes’ stress, it is how we react to it. People are stressed by many different things, meeting people they don't know, having to go to an interview, delivering a speech or giving a presentation. The situation in itself is not inherently stressful otherwise all of us would respond in the same way to those situations and be stressed by them.

Everyone responds differently to stress. Some stress is useful and motivates us, this is known as positive stress. The people who appear to be calm and controlled in 'stressful' situations are no different than you, they have learned how to relax and be calm.

Symptoms of Stress
How a session would work